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Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

A Training Module for Community-based Actions



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Delfin GanapinThe Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) named the GEF as the interim financial mechanism in May 2001. With the convention entering into force, the GEF Assembly approved the addition of POPs as a focal area in October 2002. The Small Grants Programme (SGP) as a corporate programme of the GEF, implemented by UNDP on behalf of all GEF Implementing Agencies and executed by UNOPS, has since then started to support community-based projects on POPs around the world, in line with the important recognition given in the Stockholm Convention to communities and NGOs as being effective in preventing, reducing and eliminating POPs. Although commendable achievements have been made, understanding of the POPs focal area remains limited at the community. There is a need for SGP to improve communities’ knowledge and understanding of the technical and management aspects of POPs, and ensure the development of an impact-oriented portfolio.

This online training module was developed by SGP in collaboration with the International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN), with a purpose of building awareness about the Stockholm Convention on POPs, its legal and institutional arrangements and good cases or examples of community-based POPs management. It also helps explain the importance of local community and NGO contributions to national and international POPs reduction and elimination efforts. The POPs training module consists of seven chapters, followed by a basic self-test. All National Coordinators, members of the National Steering Committees, SGP Programme Assistants and other SGP stakeholders, partners and interested individuals are invited to study the module and complete the accompanying self-test. Each individual who completes and returns the self-test will receive a certificate of completion.
Thank you for taking the time to build awareness on POPs and assist the SGP in building capacity in this important focal area.

Delfin Ganapin
Global Manager
GEF Small Grants Programme

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 Chapter 1: ‘The Dirty Dozen’ and their Characteristics
 Chapter 2: Sources and Uses of POPs
 Chapter 3: Impacts of POPs on Health and Environment
 Chapter 4: Global Institutions and Policies to Reduce and Eliminate POPs
 Chapter 5: Harnessing the Power of NGOs and Communities
 Chapter 6: Case Studies: Local Actions; Global Results
 Chapter 7: Opportunity for National Coordinators and National Steering Committees to Facilitate Results in POPs Focal Area
 Final Quiz: POPs Awareness Self-Test
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